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Enlightenment versus enlightenment.

So, here we have it: Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum. In our rush towards the oblivion that scientists are becoming increasingly more strident in their warnings about our planet's future, our politicians are found to be naked. They are powerless confronted by the enormity of the problems confronting humanity and indeed, the 200 plus species that are reportedly going extinct every day. This is no time to be playing a Viennese waltz, or even fiddling from the rooftops like Topov. We are confronting a disaster caused in large part by the success of  Homo sapiens sapiens   Johann Strauss II as a species. It is a disaster of our own making to be sure, but as Marx so aptly put it,  “ Man makes  his own history, but he  does  not  make  it out of the whole cloth; he  does  not  make  it out of conditions chosen by  himself , but out of such as he finds close at hand.” Marx, of course, never had the longevity to witness just how debauched the Tartaric Socialism that he warned of

Fiddling While Rome Burns

We should know better. Well, you'd think we would wouldn't you. The barely honourable prime minister ScoMo out on the hustings and there isn't even an election in sight. Our fearless pentecaustic would rather exhort us to prayer than to admit he and his government are wrong about Climate Change and to come up with some worthwhile plan to deal with the catastrophe that has begun to unfold. Instead, he'd rather mouth platitudes about the fearless fire-fighters and how they are doing such a Stirling job dealing with the mess. I don't doubt that these poor bastards are indeed fearless, but I'm sure that they, too, would rather that they didn't have to risk their life and limb to make ScoMo and his fellow imbeciles look good. Prime minister ScoMo If we had an opposition in this country it might be a different matter. After much thumb twiddling and a limited amount of introspection, the leader of the opposition, Anthony Albanese declared that the Austr