Eurorack setups for Moon Dog

Eurorack, synthesizer, experimental, music, patch
        First Patch

Eurorack, synthesizer, experimental, music, patch
        Second Patch

Eurorack, synthesizer, experimental, music, patch
        Third Patch

These are the three Eurorack setups that I used in Moon Dog. They are refinements on each other as I got my head around the Silent Way plug ins. I tried out a variety on configurations in Ableton Live settling in the end on the Follower and Trigger plugins. There are a number of ways to implement getting the CV out of the Live interface and into the modules. I basically used the instruments in Moon Dog (working title - coming soon) to drive the CV outputs, which in turn was used to drive the Oscillator. The Oscillator was synced to the Trigger plug in which was set up to provide a trigger on each chord change. The output of the oscillator was sent to nRings modulator before being fed to the texture synthesiser Beads driven by the Random sampler which was also synced to the chord changes. The generated signal was then fed to a compressor before return to Ableton's input tracks for recoding.


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