Joe Pass


Joe Pass – Autumn Leaves


Am 32 Bar A A B A Jazz Standard 4/4 135 bpm


A ii /// V7 /// I /// IV /// vii7b5 /// III7 /// iv /// iv ///


B vii7b5 /// III7b9 /// iii /// ii /// V7 /// I /// I ///

                                    iii / bIII7 / v / bV7 / IV /// III7b9 /// iii /// iii ///


Joe Pass plays with a Rubato feel coming and going from a set paced rhythm. He starts off with a straight rendition of the standard before moving into more and more complex improvisations. Just the guitar makes it feel very intimate. Just the listener and the soulful guitarist. He plays the bass line and harmonies while twisting the melody in and out.



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