Music Box by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe


Music Box by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe from the award winning film 'Candyman' uses a mixture of synthesis and the sound of a virtual(?) piano. Its foreboding feel was developed in dialogue with the films construction process which is the way Lowe prefers to works.

The piano part is a simple melody backgrounded by the complex harmonics of the synthesised sounds. These sounds are eerie and hint at a post-industrial context working nicely as a backdrop to the streets of Chicago where the film is based.

As part of the collection of sounds for this work he drew from late night visits to laundromats recording the sound of the machines as the worked to clean the clothes of the patrons.

Inspiring stuff. Makes me want to go into poverty to buy more euro rack modules. Dangerous, too, I suspect. Anyway, hats off to Lowe for creating these works and making access to his work public.


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