Sonny Rollins


Sonny Rollins – I’ve Told Ev’ry Little Star


Bb 32 bar AABA Jazz Standard 195 bpm


A I /// ii / V7 / iii / VI7 / ii / V7 / I /// ii / V7 / I /// ii / V7 /


B V / iii /  vi / II7 / V/ iii /  vi / II7 / vi /// II7 /// ii /// V7 ///


Sonny Rollins and his band go straight to the top of the standard with the sax right up front. Bass and drums are holding the rhythm along with the guitar. The rhythm section supports the tenor sax out front. Occasionally a piano comps in the background adding to the rhythm section. It is played at a steadily cracking pace with strong swing throughout. The bass is steady during the song including while improvising the break, the piano is more prominent during its improvisation tightly following the harmonic content throughout while paying homage to the melody. The guitar improvisation is restrained before the sax rejoins the group to take us once more through the melody before taking us out on a trip through the circle of fifths.



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